• Shane Breslin is an entrepreneur, coach, writer and podcaster

    It’s my personal mission in life to provide the support, guidance and inspiration for anyone to overcome all the challenges life throws at us, embrace the one-time-in-history uniqueness each of us possesses, and live a life of energy, purpose and happiness.

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I am a TEDx speaker and regular speak at community and corporate events on the topics of happiness, performance and positive mental health. Read more about my speaking experience, my motivations to speak and my event preferences. Then, if it makes sense, please reach out to talk more.

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Shane Breslin Coach I am an accredited Life & Business Coach and work with both individuals and organisations to help you overcome challenges, explore your own unique individuality, embody your personal values, and bring the best and truest version of yourself to the world. Get in touch for more details on my coaching programmes.

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Life Well Lived Podcast with Shane Breslin

As part of my mission to support, guide and inspire people to embrace their own uniqueness and find a new lease of energy, purpose and happiness, my regular emails, blogs and podcasts go out to a loyal and growing audience interested in self development, positive mental health and life fulfilment.

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Not only does Shane have a talent for creating engaging digital communication strategies but an unwavering patience when it comes to ensuring they are understood by people on the team with little knowledge in the area. Shane worked on a digital marketing strategy for Rehab in 2017 which helped focus this large, international organisation in a much more strategic way. He’s personable and a very safe pair of hands, who actively follows up in and out of contract. He’s very responsive and cares about your brand.

Edel O’Connell, Head of Communications and Marketing, Rehab Group

Under Shane’s watch GDP NI has seen a welcome sharp increase in enquiries from Britain and Northern Ireland for our established Equity Experts business in 2017. Shane has also been driving the digital direction of our new business lending platform, Clearpath Finance. We’re delighted to work with him and look forward to continuing our relationship into 2018 and beyond.

Conor Devine, Principal, GDP NI, Belfast

Shane has provided invaluable assistance with Samaritans Ireland’s digital strategy. We’ve taken tentative first steps into social media advertising to drive volunteer recruitment for Samaritans Ireland, achieving hugely encouraging results in a campaign in September and October 2017. We’re delighted to have Shane’s assistance to help shape the Samaritans Ireland online presence for months and years to come.

Oliver Skehan, Communications Officer, Samaritans Ireland, Dublin

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