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You are not alone

You’re not alone, and you’re never alone. You might feel alone, isolated, removed from other people. That was true for many for several years as part of the increased digitalisation of life, where we are more “connected” than ever before, yet at the same time more disconnected from those with whom we share time and […]

Learning to eye-smile

It’s a new skill of human interaction: the eye-smile. Now we walk around in masks — most of us, much of the time. With our faces covered, we find that the irreducible beauty of a smiling face is lost. Add to it that for many people, beset by fears of illness and economic problems and […]

The human condition: an everyday challenge

There is an everyday challenge. The screenwriter and novelist Steven Pressfield, in his guide for a creative life,  The War of Art, calls it Resistance, with a capital ‘R’, and Resistance rises every day. Fear doesn’t go away. The warrior and the artist live by the same code of necessity, which dictates that the battle […]

Silent wisdom

Language is a beautiful thing, used in beautiful ways, but for many of the most important things, language is inefficient. We become inarticulate, lost for words, when we are faced with the biggest moments in life, those split seconds when the universe reveals itself through a shaft of light or a fleeting moment of wonder. […]

Two things that might help you find more joy today

I remember listening to Brendon Burchard speak at a conference in the USA a couple of years back. I was familiar with Burchard from a few YouTube or Facebook videos, and I confess that I wasn’t sure about him. I thought he might be just another one in a long line of self-development online practitioners […]

It’s up to us now

It’s up to us now. The world is enveloped in a seething mass of division. Left vs Right, East vs West, US vs China. Meat-eaters vs plant-based vs keto vs paleo. Racism, climate change, Covid-19. Trump, Bolsonaro, Putin, Orban in Hungary, Erdogan in Turkey, Lukashenko in Belarus. Division and protest is everywhere, and when that […]