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The Internet vs Real Life

We are truly blessed to live in an era that allows us to communicate, one to one and at scale, via technology. We are privileged to be in a position to build relationships with people we might never have met in real life. We are only beginning to appreciate the possibilities that the Internet brings […]

A new normal awaits

For the first two seconds after I wake up, everything is normal. I open my eyes, and I see the sycamore tree out my window. The buds on the sycamore are not open yet, but somehow every morning the tree grows infinitesimally greener: it’s entirely undetectable in the same way your little girl’s change in […]

Happy Strange St Patrick’s Day

Today, March 17th, is St Patrick’s Day, strangest St Patrick’s Day anyone can remember.   Normally on this day everyone with a drop of Irish blood in their bodies stops for at least a moment or two and considers this island and identity and idea we call Ireland.   St Patrick’s Day is Ireland’s day, […]

The fine line between preparedness and panic

In the mid-80s, the generally sullen and often depressive singer and songwriter who fronted the English rock band The Smiths, Morrissey, wrote a hit song called “Panic”. You probably know it — it includes the famous line “Hang the DJ, hang the DJ, hang the DJ” and starts like this: Panic on the streets of […]

The craft of feeling clearly

Our society and culture actively promotes clear thinking. From an early age through education, and potentially for decades thereafter in the workplace, we are exposed to the necessity of thinking clearly. Academically and economically, through the curriculum, the schedule, the system, the timetable, the procedure, the process, we are encouraged to engage in clear thinking, […]

The difference between individuality and individualism

When it comes to individuality and individualism, there are important things to note about the differences. There is a stark contrast between cherishing the ideal of individuality and adopting the cultural norm of individualism, and we must recognise that contrast and highlight it whenever we can. Individuality is essential. Exploring who you are, what makes […]