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How to Find Your Very Own “True North”

The North Star, or finding one’s “true north”, is a concept that has come up a number of times in my reading and viewing in recent weeks. Two examples that come immediately to mind: 1. The Financial Times’ North Star Responding to the suggestions of a couple of friends who I asked for suggestions as […]

One song could change your life

I watched some old footage of U2 recently. It was an interview from Irish television in 1986. They were already a big deal by then — they had played a great set at Live Aid a year before — but it was before The Joshua Tree and Achtung Baby and about a dozen songs that […]

Why is decision-making so hard?

Why is decision-making so hard? We have an almost infinite number of choices ahead of us every day. Watch this show. Read that article. Listen to this podcast. Open that app. All of them are clutching at your attention, and the best* of them are helpfully designed by specialists in behavioral psychology who know better […]

The next step

The next step reveals itself. Big dreams and significant goals and detailed visions of a better future have their place. If you have something big you’re aiming at, it’s a good thing to keep it visible. Even better, write it down and put it somewhere where it’s in your eyeline every day. Visions of where […]

Getting reminders

There’s a phrase that’s common in the particular lingo of horse racing: “Getting reminders”. All sports and hobbies and games and pursuits have their own language. Cricket is maybe the most wonderful example. There is a long list of phrases that seem to make no real sense outside the world of cricket. “Silly mid off.” […]

Why accountability sometimes doesn’t work

Accountability is a common practice in business networking and self-development circles. Accountability partners meet or talk regularly to keep each other on track to the commitments they’ve made. The principle is a sound one. When we make commitments to do or avoid to do something, and we speak them aloud to other people, we are […]

The human condition and the future-present principle

Two thoughts that bounce around in my head constantly. 1. I can’t accept that things won’t change. One of the most fundamental laws of the universe is that things never remain the same. Because of this, and because humans — you and me and everyone we know — are the result of millions of years […]

Leadership and inequality

[A version of this piece first appeared in my short Saturday morning “Three Things” email. To sign up for regular writing from me on life, thinking, acting and being, go here.] Inequality is on everyone’s minds right now. There is much totally justified anger and protest, and directed to the right places, that will help […]