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Depression and self-obsessiveness

Tim Ferriss is one of those voices who I’ve paid close attention to in recent years. It’s well over a decade since his Four-Hour Work Week catapulted him into the minds of millennials everywhere who were intent on finding freedom before retirement age, but his thoughts and work related to the area of mental health, […]

Our relationship with time

Time. The most precious asset any of us have. If you can even call it an asset. Money is an asset. Freedom is an asset. Attention is a massive asset in the mass fragmentation of the 21st century. But time. Maybe time is just time. Three things happened this week that brought time, and how […]

A 10-point, 100-word guide to making decisions

Find a quiet room, sit down and close your eyes Get Choice A clear in your mind, and visualise that decision having been made Feel the sensations that come with this decision. Give yourself 2-5 minutes to allow yourself to really feel them. Feel where in your body the sensation is. Feel whether that sensation […]

We get what we tolerate

Our full selves, including our bodies and minds and personality traits and habits and everything else that adds up to that thing called our “self” are in continual mass flux, and science and medicine is only really just beginning to understand how this whole thing connects together. If I’m to consider the statement “we get […]

A reason not to do it

There’s always a reason not to do it. When it comes to almost any meaningful course of positive action — from whether I should go for a run this morning, to whether I should invest the time and energy required to create a new technology platform for aspiring sportswriters — if I turn over an […]

The toothpaste exercise

I like finding ways to build association between the things we do and the way we think. So — don’t laugh! — I came up with a toothpaste exercise. The idea came, I think, from listening to Brendon Burchard, the US-based coach and trainer who has worked with some of the world’s top companies, and […]