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Finding mastery

I have been a master for a long time. A master of duplicity, presenting one stylised version of me to the world and keeping the real one away from the light. A master of pretense, pretending things are okay when things are not. A master of avoidance, distracting myself from big important questions by getting […]

The speed of life

Life moves imperceptibly slowly when you’re watching closely. And impossibly fast when you look away. This is partly why true suffering seems interminable. Because true suffering demands attention, and the act of paying attention slows things down. Those of us not beset by true suffering in our daily lives can count ourselves fortunate. Not just […]

The first step of personal development

The first step of personal development is a personal values exercise. Go to any decent-sized bookshop (real or virtual) and the shelves of books in the self-help section will be almost endless. There’s incredible value in reading. Books have been my go-to for everything — for learning, for growing, for coping — for as long […]

Two steps forward, one step back

Two steps forward, one step back. We often focus on the one step back as something negative, unsatisfactory. (Or at least that’s the way I used to look at things, always.) The big thing about two steps forward, one step back? It’s a 50% return on investment. And that’s something of which you can be […]

The power of mindset: A double-edged sword

Mindset is the most powerful of forces, but the power of mindset can be used against the most vulnerable amongst us. This is a short blog about the power of mindset, how to recognise when it’s being manipulated, and what to do about it. 1. The power of mindset Mindset works. Mindset propels behaviour. Fixed […]

From €8.99

I went for a buffet lunch last week. The sign on the window read, “From €8.99”. My reaction, 1: “That’s the lowest price, printed in large font as a marketing hook.” My reaction, 2: “Okay, so what’s the price for me?” The €8.99 was for under-16s and over-65s. A €9.99 price was for students and […]