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Mostly, you’re on your own

Whether it’s in our local communities, our bonds with family and friends or our social network (online and offline), as humans we are wired for connection. As a species we developed from tribes and villages. At a deep emotional level, we need to feel connected to others. Mostly, though, we’re on our own. If we […]

The End of Things

Things rarely end the way we’d like them to end. Endings with all the loose ends nicely tied up for a satisfactory finish are common only in fiction, and even there it’s rare that all strands come smoothly together. In real life it’s rarer still. Whether it’s our death, or the countless small endings that […]

Why I read

I read because it makes me feel more alive. I read because it makes me feel less alone. I read because ever since The Thorn Birds at the age of 11 — probably wholly unsuitable for me at that age, but it was the only grown-up book I could get my hands on, and I […]

What I learned from watching a flock of crows this week

The other day I was sitting in my bedroom, reading and taking a few notes, waiting for a too-hot bath to cool down. Written down, this sounds astonishingly indulgent and luxuriating … sitting in my bedroom during the daytime! reading during the daytime! having a bath DURING THE DAYTIME! These are things I rarely did […]

Season’s Greetings: Some Thoughts on the Darker, Slower Days of Winter

Some thoughts on winter from someone who newly appreciates the radical idea of slowing down. It’s been a couple of months since I published an essay here.This writing hiatus was unplanned and unintentional. It’s been hovering over me like a little dark cloud, a recurring thought and recurring regret that I hadn’t been able to […]