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Mindfulness and Mindlessness

Kevin Barry, the Irish author, is an often compelling voice on the ways of the modern world. He’s far from an ever-present commentator on all things life and living, but on his occasional forays onto radio or podcasts, he invariably offers thought-provoking statements on the world we’re in. During a live interview on the Blindboy […]

The bright side of forgetting one’s headphones

I’m an audio geek. I just love listening to things. I’m talking listening to content – radio, podcasts, audiobooks, spoken word essays. When it comes to one-to-one human listening, I’m studying the art of active listening just now, which is a very different thing to the kind of listening most of us do on a […]

The practice of being present

Being present is a practice. Just like judo or writing or meditation, being present takes some focus and some time and some energy. (Time, attention and energy are invaluable commodities in the endlessly distracted modern world.) The practice of being present starts with a simple choice. A choice to be present, here and now. There […]

2019 and the way we look at things

It’s 2019, and it’s possible to argue that all of these things are true. The United States has a TV personality as a president (American democracy is dying) Britain is imploding under a misguided sense of nationalism (British democracy is dying) The media that holds governments and public figures to account is faltering under an […]

The road from should to must

I have a friend who, as can often be the way of things in 2019, I’ve never met. She’s from the US, and she’s related to a lady who’s an Airbnb host and whose basement room, by some serendipitous turn of fate, became my base during my first trip to America in 2017. In her […]

Serendipity, mentorship, Russell Brand and Rich Roll

Serendipity struck again at the weekend. It’s bizarre to me how often things happen just when we most need them to happen. On Sunday, after a quick grocery shopping sprint and obligatory sweet treat Sunday stop-off, my nine-year-old and I stuck our heads into the bookshop to pass half an hour until the parking ticket […]

Opening a door that floats in the sky: Finding the flow state

When was the last time you found yourself in a flow state? A time when you were just lost in the act of doing, blissfully unaware of anything apart from that which you’re doing? If you’re fortunate, you will experience it often, but if you’re like most people, there are perhaps a handful of occasions in […]