Goal Setting: Six Key Steps to Setting and Achieving Any Goal (Pic credit: Joshua Earle / Unsplash)

Happiness Hack, #3: Goal Setting That Works: Six Key Steps to Setting and Achieving Any Goal in 2018

Goal setting is not something I’ve done enough of in the past.…
Author, podcaster and motivational speaker Hal Elrod and three-time Golf Major champion Padraig Harrington

The Outcome vs The Process: Hal Elrod and Padraig Harrington Have Something in Common

I have to confess - I’m a podcast addict. I listen to perhaps…
Tim Urban of Wait But Why on Happiness

How to be Happy, #1: Tim Urban of Wait But Why

"How to be Happy" is a new series as part of my wider happiness…

Food as medicine, and the Rich Roll podcast in Ireland

During my journey of positive life choices, food and nutrition…
Toni McDermott People of the Wild Atlantic Way

This "People of the Wild Atlantic Way" photo stopped me in my tracks

I've discovered, somewhat by accident, that I love walking in…

Happiness Hack #1: Tackling Overwhelm with the Open Loops List

I've found that one of the biggest factors that adversely affect…

Me, D, McG and Gary Vee

This blog first appeared on Medium.com This is a story about…