Episode 11: A solo episode on the power of honest conversation, why the conversation is a two-way street, and speaking truth to bulls**t.

Episode 9: Masami Sato of B1G1 on the power of small and how business can be the vehicle of positive change on a massive scale


For more about B1G1, visit the website here

Episode 8: Nutritionist Orla McLaughlin on food as medicine, the confusion around diets, the gut-brain axis and working with autistic children


For more about Orla McLaughlin’s work, visit her Health By Orla here

Episode 6: Gaelic footballer Chris Kerr on mental health, social media and the challenges facing so many young men in Belfast

Episode 5: Sunderland’s Irish nun Sister Mary Scholastica on family, simplicity, Church and being a beacon of warmth for seafarers worldwide