Shane Breslin Coaching Profile

I am a QQI Level 6 Accredited Life and Business Coach, specialising in working with business owners, entrepreneurs and executives to help them save time, rediscover purpose and build a life of happiness, fulfilment and energy.

My background:

  • I worked for almost two decades in media, publishing and nonprofit sectors, before becoming accidentally self-employed after reaching rock bottom with my own mental health in 2016
  • Supported by family, friends, coaches and mentors, I have discovered my overpowering “why”: My mission in everything I do right now is to help people overcome their challenges, to explore their own one-time-in-history unique individuality, to embrace that uniqueness fully and to express it to the world.
  • This is the pathway to energy, purpose and fulfilment, and overall your very own life well lived. There is no blueprint or seven steps to success, but there is a pathway for you. If you would like some help to find it, I’d love to chat.
  • My mission drives me to support my family, my community and my clients to break the cycle of burnout, depression and unhappiness, and to stride forward into a future of purpose, energy and — yes — happiness. Because a happy life, a fulfilled life, a life of contribution and meaning and positive impact, is the point.

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