Google AdWords Grants are an incredibly powerful way for charities and nonprofits to spread their impact.

If your nonprofit is fortunate enough to have a Google Grants account, congratulations!

But if you’re also struggling to really make the most of that $10,000 monthly allowance, well … first off, let me say this.

You’re not alone!

Sooo many people are struggling to really get their AdWords Grants house in order.

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve seen nonprofits with really ugly AdWords set-ups – and worse, they don’t even know where to turn to fix it.

Would you like help??

Hi, I’m Shane Breslin.

I’ve been a digital marketing and communications specialist for almost 20 years … for longer than digital has even been called digital! Back in 2000, it was just called “the Internet”!

I’ve helped several of Europe’s most ambitious nonprofits go from using just a fraction of their monthly AdWords Grants allowance … to maxing it out! 

If you’ve ever felt like your organisation’s AdWords Grants allowance is an untapped resource that you just can’t get the most out of, I hear you.

And I can help. Grab your free 30-minute call with me today and I’ll start you in the right direction before the end of that half hour!