Embracing and expressing our true identity

Identity and the journey to accepting ourselves

There's a popular myth about cell reinvention within the human…
Finding our own worldview

A worldview

A worldview is a fascinating and essential thing. A worldview…
What's the motivation?

What's their motivation?

Everyone has a motivation. I'm not talking so much about motivational.…
The human condition: The best and the worst of us

We all falter, fall and fail

It's a basic human failing, an unavoidable element of the human…
Your definition of normal

The time for vulnerability

Vulnerability can be a superpower. It is a state of being…
The writing vocation, or thoughts on the call to write

The writing calling

This -- a daily attempt to write a short piece about life and…
The key to effective assertiveness

The assertiveness equation

It's a common piece of advice in our progress through the game…
Seamus Heaney and calling a spade a spade

Seamus Heaney and the wisdom of calling a wooden spoon a wooden spoon

Seamus Heaney, the late great Irish Nobel laureate, gave a beautiful…
Concrete, Plastic, the Environment and Human Happiness

Concrete and plastic

There is virtually no end to man's ingenuity. In the past 100…
Your definition of normal

Your definition of normal

"Getting back to normal" is a common refrain in the postscript…

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