• Things I’m Working On Right Now

A quick list, in no particular order, of things I’m working on right now.

  • Mission: Guiding everything I do in life, work and business now is my stated personal mission. This has been the result of three years of deep personal exploration and discovery, after more than two decades of regular major depression. I’m calling it the Life Well Lived Project, and my mission here is to provide the support, guidance and inspiration for people to overcome life’s inevitable challenges, explore, embrace and express their own one-time-in-history uniqueness and discover a life of energy, purpose and happiness
  • Podcast: As part of this project, I run a regular podcast in which I interview inspiring people from many different walks of life about overcoming challenges, making a positive contribution and discovering happiness (Listen to the podcast here, or search “Life Well Lived Podcast” on Apple Podcasts, Google, Spotify, Stitcher or wherever you get your podcasts)
  • Writing: Writing is one thing that centres and grounds me every week so I’m fortunate to be able to send two regular emails to people who want to receive them: my short weekly bulletin, which lands in inboxes every Saturday morning, and a longer personal essay which goes out about once a month (Learn more about my emails over here)
  • Re-Stór: With my good friend and brand storytelling and communications consultant Sally Murphy, I co-founded Re-Stór, a series of retreats, workshops and events for business owners and entrepreneurs which covers storytelling, digital marketing and communications and how we can work and live in a sustainabile and restorative way for ourselves and the people who need us in the fullness of our health
  • Consulting: I firmly believe running a profitable, sustainable and mission-driven business is a great route to personal happiness and fulfilment. I launched my first commercially-driven website in 1999, built a messageboard in 2001 and coded a very rudimentary analytics tool in 2003. Lots of those things ended in failure, but I’ve learned so much from two decades of working at the leading edge of Internet communications. And I’ve also learned that that experience is valuable. So I work with businesses of all sizes to help them understand the digital world and improve their offering, so that they can leverage the power of the Internet to grow their business 
  • Coaching: I recently completed my first coaching accreditation in Life and Business Coaching, and I’m working with business owners in Ireland and overseas to help give them clarity and peace of mind about both their long-term business aspirations and their day-to-day business operations. (Find out more about my coaching here)
  • Speaking: Since my first TEDx talk in Dublin in 2017, I have spoken professionally on themes of living, business and positive mental health for a number of community and corporate organisations (Find out more about my speaking preferences here)

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Success stories

I started working with Shane in October 2017. I was inspired by his own story of depression and how we has combated that over the past year to get on the path to purpose and fulfilment. My dream is to start and grow my own business as a side hustle and eventually to be in a position to finish my 9 to 5 life and support my son and I with my own successful business.

Gwen Soba, aspiring beauty and wellness coach, New York City

Shane has provided invaluable assistance with Samaritans Ireland’s digital strategy. We’ve taken tentative first steps into social media advertising to drive volunteer recruitment for Samaritans Ireland, achieving hugely encouraging results in a campaign in September and October 2017. We’re delighted to have Shane’s assistance to help shape the Samaritans Ireland online presence for months and years to come.

Oliver Skehan, Communications Officer, Samaritans Ireland, Dublin

Under Shane’s watch GDP NI has seen a welcome sharp increase in enquiries from Britain and Northern Ireland for our established Equity Experts business in 2017. Shane has also been driving the digital direction of our new business lending platform, Clearpath Finance. We’re delighted to work with him and look forward to continuing our relationship into 2018 and beyond.

Conor Devine, Principal, GDP NI, Belfast

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