If you’re in business, you are almost certain to have set up at least one social media profile over the last few years. In all likelihood, you might have way more than just one.

Typically, businesses have a Facebook business page or two and a Twitter profile—and often it doesn’t stop there.

Instagram and Pinterest are massively popular social media platforms in their own right. LinkedIn is a go-to place for business-to-business and professional networks. You might even have a Reddit page or a Quora account.

The social Internet has come a long way since Bebo and Friends Reunited!

But if you’re anything like a lot of the businesses I see, you have a bit of a problem when it comes to your social media.

Does it ever feel like social media has become a black hole, that sucks your time and money and even your most priceless asset, your positive energy?

The big thing about black holes? Once stuff goes in there, it doesn’t come back!

So what can you do? Keep feeding the monster? Keep listening to different advice from different people—post three times a week, post three times a day, post videos, post on a Tuesday morning, post on a Sunday night…? Or take action today to whip your social media into shape so that it delivers that value YOU want for YOUR business?

If you feel weary about your business performance on social media, I hear you.

I know exactly how you feel—but fear not! Help is at hand.

My Social Media Visibility Package for Business gives you a detailed report that will be filled with the numbers that REALLY matter for your business, and ACTIONABLE RECOMMENDATIONS based on those numbers.

Because social media is about so much more than reach and likes. And it’s so much more than the meaningless, energy-sucking loop of follow and follow-back.

Winning at social media is much more about the type of content you’re posting, it’s about how engaged your audience is, it’s about how they’re reacting to what you’re posting.

Social media is so powerful, but when we approach it the wrong way, it can be so draining.

All the important numbers are deep in your analytics and insights, and my specially designed program pulls out the most meaningful data.

This data is not for vanity. (Does it really matter if you have 20,000 fans if none of them are evening seeing your posts???)

This data is for business impact.

The outcome will be this. (I promise!)

That you can move forward with your social media posts—across all key platforms—with renewed energy and drive and direction, because you’ll have more certainty about what you’re doing than ever before.

Let’s do this!